Unit 9: Review

Unit Description 
Pest treatment and eradication is a complex topic in urban ecosystem studies that draws on most (if not all!) of the topics students have covered in Living Environment: human body systems, pesticide resistance, ecosystem components and dynamics, and genetics. In this unit, students study an urban pest -- lice, roaches, bedbugs, or mosquitoes -- and develop a plan for getting rid of this pest. In the context of doing this work, students may revisit the Living Environment content that they most need to review in the weeks leading up to the exam. They will create an argument for a specific pest management strategy, taking into account science concepts from all of Living Environment that are relevant to their plan.

Unit Essential Questions

  • Is it better to get rid of household pests (roaches, bed bugs, lice, mosquitoes), or should we learn to live with them in order to avoid  using pesticides in our homes? 
  • Is it bad to use pesticides in our homes? 
  • Can we make a decision based on pros and cons?

Key Lab Components
  • The Effect of Toxins on Daphnia