Unit 3: Homeostasis in Human Body Systems

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Unit Description Humans are complex organisms that maintain a narrow set of internal conditions through a system of feedback and communication mechanisms between multiple organ systems. In this unit, students will explore how body systems interact to effectively monitor and respond to both internal and external environmental changes. Human adaptations for divergent environmental conditions may be integrated into this unit to build understanding of natural selection and differential reproductive success. Students complete both Making Connections (a NY State required lab) and a human thermoregulation laboratory, both of which focus on skills of experimental design.

View the video above, based on the Unit 3 Prezi, to learn more about the storyline for Unit 3. Thanks to Michelle Ott (AMS III), Dani Sugerman (AMS), and Deborah McLaughlin (BOSS) for creating this presentation!

Unit Essential Questions

  • How does the human body respond to internal and external changes in its environment? 
  • How do body systems interact to maintain a dynamic equilibrium?