Interested in Visiting a Living Environment Classroom?

You can now schedule a visit with a member of the Living Environment Teacher Advisory Board to learn more about enacting the New Visions curriculum resources. Teachers specialize in Group Learning Routines, Project-Based Learning (using unit performance tasks), The 5E Instructional Model, and embedded formative assessment. See the map below for more information!

Background on Inter-visitations
A major area of work for the Living Environment Teacher Advisory Board is to facilitate non-evaluative classroom visits to collaboratively build teacher knowledge and skills around science instruction. Inter-visitation is a framework that has been used in education to promote teacher community and share great practices. We believe it is a way to empower teachers to be more ambitious in their teaching as we strive to meet the needs of students in urban science classrooms.

Before the Visit: Host teacher and visitor meet by phone or over email to establish expectations. They may discuss with the visitor hopes to learn, or what the host expects may happen during the visit. This is also the time to clarify scheduling issues.

During the Visit: The visitor takes low-inference notes while observing the classroom, with a focus on the area of interest. The visitor's notes should not be evaluative or critical.

After the Visit: The host and visitor meet to discuss questions about the classroom observation. The goal is to support the visitor in leaving with actionable strategies for classroom teaching!

Use this form to schedule an inter-visitation with one of the host teachers from the Living Environment Teacher Advisory Board!

Map of Inter-visitation Locations