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Group learning routines are designed for classes where there is a great range in student academic experience, such as background knowledge, language skills, and life experiences. The routines are an essential component of a differentiated classroom, and of effective formative assessment.  

To make meaning from a text students need support before reading, while reading, and after reading. Navigating complex texts can be an integral part of science teaching and learning, particularly as a part of the 5E Instructional Model.

Inquiry-based science instruction should provide students the opportunity to revisit and revise their conceptual understanding through experimentation and written reflection. Although there are multiple types of discipline-specific writing (e.g. narrative, procedural, argumentation) that may be useful in a science classroom, constructing scientific explanations provides an especially rich opportunity for students to interact with data sets, discuss their ideas with peers, and to demonstrate their understanding of important scientific concepts and vocabulary. 

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